Presenter: Aytunc Beken. Meetup will be held in Zoom Webinar, RSVP to see the link. Time: 4PM UTC, July 20.

In this session, Aytunc will demonstrate Pipeline As YAML plugin usage starting with basic to advanced Pipelines. The plugin allows defining Jenkins Pipelines in a declarative form, using YAML files. This is an incubating project, any feedback and contributions would be welcome!


  • Introduction to the plugin
  • Basic Pipeline
  • Environment Variables / Options / Agent definitions / Post Actions
  • Complex Stages ( Inner / Parallel Stages )
  • Steps/Scripts Examples with Pipeline Libraries

Pipeline as YAML Plugin

  • Not for production setup, still incubating
  • Plugin converts the YAML to Declarative Pipeline, converted
  • all directives are completed, not matrix yet
  • Converter from Declarative to pipeline as YAML is planned


About the speaker: Aytunc works as an Expert DevOps Engineer. He likes to contribute to Jenkins Community in his free time.